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Stardew Valley on FreeBSD

In, A Year Away From Mac OS, I wrote about my switch to FreeBSD on my desktop computer and noted one of the downsides was losing Stardew Valley: I initially missed playing the game Stardew Valley on FreeBSD. It was consuming a few hours of my time each week prior to the FreeBSD install. The extra friction of rebooting into Arch to run the game basically stopped me playing, which wasn’t entirely a bad thing. Continue reading

GNOME 3 on FreeBSD

Update: The GNOME FreeBSD port has been updated and is now quite recent and I moved my desktop PC to FreeBSD in October 2017. As part of my evaluation of macOS alternatives I set up GNOME 3 on FreeBSD. I received some comments asking about this so I thought I’d expand on it a little further. FreeBSD GNOME desktop I’m a FreeBSD fan and (small scale) donor. It was the first open source OS I ran back in 2000 and I continue to use it today. Continue reading