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Installing Rust on C.H.I.P.

Yesterday I tweeted that I had successfully installed Rust on my C.H.I.P. computer. @LeMoussel replied asking for a tutorial, so here goes: Step 1: Connect to C.H.I.P. My C.H.I.P. is running the Headless v4.4 Debian image. I connected to it using a serial console over USB, as described in the documentation. To do this, connect your C.H.I.P. to a computer (I’m using macOS in these examples) via a USB cable. Continue reading

Watering System Parts List

This is a running list of the watering system parts, updated as I go. 3 ⨉ Water Pump 1 ⨉ relay module

Automatic Watering System

The first project that I’m planning is an automatic watering system. I have a bunch of pots on my balcony and keeping them well watered is a challenge, especially in summer. Furthermore, if they are watered too much, swarms of fungus gnats appear, which are difficult to get rid of. The goals I have in mind are: Automatically water plants based on moisture levels in pots. Solar powered — running power out to the balcony isn’t really an option. Continue reading

First Post

Hi and welcome to Bit Cannon! I’m Wes, a software developer and tinkerer from Melbourne, Australia. Here I plan to write informally about hardware and software projects I’m working on. I’ve recently revived my interest in embedded systems and have acquired a Raspberry Pi 3, C.H.I.P. and have an Arduboy on the way. I have a few ideas kicking around for what to do with these devices and plan to write about them here. Continue reading